Building A Brand Chinese Can Trust

Understanding What Really Drives Shoppers Perceptions

Redefining Brands in China - Trust is King.  In a market where fakes, pricing scandals and food safety are big issues, trust is the most important criterion for customers in choosing their favourite retail brands. 

While there is some variation – for example with fashionability being more important in apparel and product quality being more important in grocery – building trust is always the most important criterion to win customers’ loyalty in China.  This year’s Retail Proposition Index surveyed 1,600 customers in East China (chosen as it is normally at the forefront of China’s development) to reveal their favourite retail brands.  The overall winner was Nike, continuing to demonstrate the power of sports brands in the market. Second place in customers’ ratings was Zara, showing tremendous performance for such a new brand in the market. Coming in third was ...


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