Closing The Gap

The OC&C Retail Proposition Index 2014

This is the fifth year we have carried out the International OC&C Proposition Index, a major piece of consumer research measuring shopper attitudes and perceptions towards the world’s leading retailers.  Consumers were asked to rate the retailers they had shopped on the strength of their overall proposition, and then to score the key elements of that proposition (Price, Range, Service, etc). These results are then used to compile a ranking of consumers’ favourite retailers from across the globe.

The fifth OC&C Proposition Index is the largest ever compiled. Turkey has been added for the first time, which has meant that 235,000 ratings have been analysed from over 32,000 consumers on 800 retailers in 10 countries. This means that over the last five years we have interviewed over 100,000 consumers who have given us over a million ratings of individual retailers. This combination of breadth and depth gives a powerful view into the relative strength of retail propositions across the world and how this has been changing over time.


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