New Frontiers

OC&C's annual review of the Top 50 Global FMCG Companies

As growth slows in the ‘Old West’, global suppliers are venturing into new territories.  But they are facing stiff competition from domestic players – as this year’s ranking of the top 50 global fmcg companies reveals.

Now the West has been won, the global gunslingers of fmcg are crossing the borders into high-growth, emerging economies.  But there are no easy wins to be had. They're having to go head to head with major local players in the fight for market supremacy – as this year’s Global 50 league table of the world's top fmcg suppliers reveals. The table, compiled exclusively for The Grocer by OC&C Strategy Consultants, offers a tantalizing glimpse at where the future powerbase of fmcg will lie. The top 10 remains unchanged but further down the list seismic shifts are taking place.  Indeed, some national players are now growing so strongly in their domestic markets that they have usurped established multinationals in the rankings …

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