Recalibrate To Win

FMCG strategies in a changing landscape (FMCG India Index 2008)

India had been on a dream run for the last 3 years, but the year 2008 came as a sudden jolt. The FMCG industry worldwide faced unprecedented swings in external factors that included food price inflation, crude price hikes and global economic downturn. All these threaten to take their toll in 2009. 

The key question is will FMCG companies in India remain insulated from the recession trends during the coming financial year? In wake of recent fears of downturn, how should companies react to the changing environment? Which strategies need to be retained in future? Which strategies need to be discarded or modified going ahead? The year 2009 has poised itself as a year that is going to test the clarity in strategic thinking of the companies. At OC&C we look back in the rear view mirror to analyse the thrust of companies in 2008. We also analyse the changing business challenges and specific strategic priorities available to the companies in future — short term and long term …


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