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The OC&C Proposition Index 2011/12

The OC&C Proposition Index is a major piece of consumer research conducted annually,  measuring shopper perception of the strength of different retail propositions. 

Consumers were asked to systematically rate retailers they had shopped at on their overall offer, and across different elements of their proposition (such as price, service, etc). From this, customer perception of the strength of retail propositions can be benchmarked, and “Champion Retailers” identified who are setting the standard, not just for their category, but for all of retail.  Scoring highly in the index is not just a measure of customer satisfaction, but also an indicator of potential for long term revenue growth. On average, retailers ranked in the top third of the OC&C Proposition Index have delivered annual growth over the last 5 years 10% faster than those in the bottom third.  Amazon was again rated by shoppers as the UK’s favourite retailer ...

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