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The OC&C Proposition Index 2013

This is the fourth year of the OC&C Proposition Index, a major piece of consumer research into shopper attitudes towards the world’s leading retailers. Consumers are asked to rate the retailers they have shopped on the strength of their overall proposition, and then to score the key elements of that proposition (Price, Range, Service, etc). 

The results are then used to compile a ranking of consumers’ favourite retailers from across the globe.  The OC&C Proposition Index continues to grow, this year capturing 300,000 ratings from over 30,000 consumers regarding nearly 600 retailers across 9 countries. This combination of breadth and depth gives a powerful view into the relative strength of retail propositions across the world.    It is no longer a surprise that Amazon stands atop our global index. In 2010, when we released the first OC&C Proposition Index, there was genuine shock in some quarters ...


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